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Implementing Kaizen

In December The Whistler Question published an article about David Girard and his practice of Kaizen. We wanted to take you a bit further into understanding how this concept came into David’s life and how it’s helped his business grow. 


Q: Where did you first hear about the concept of Kaizen?

A: I first heard about Kaizen, in relation to business, from a book that is about the Japanese manufacturing industry. The book is called Kaizen: The key to Japan's competitive success and was written by Masaaki Imai in 1989.

This book is basically a comprehensive handbook of 16 Kaizen management practices that can be implemented into any business. Kaizen uses more than 100 examples in action plus presents 15 corporate case studies. 


Q: How long have you been practicing it?

A: I began practicing Kaizen about two decades ago.


Q: How do you think Kaizen has influenced Peak Ventures' growth?

A: The book and the Kaizen philosophy gave me inspiration to make changes to the way I run my company. This book helped point us on the path towards becoming a design build company. Bringing an interior designer in-house is a huge benefit to our clients. We are always evolving and growing.


Q: What advice do you have for someone who wants to explore the concept of Kaizen?

A: I suggest they read up on the subject and they should consider reading that same book that I read. Reading up on the subject will help them determine if this concept will be right for them.

If Kaizen makes sense, reach out to your people, who have boots on the ground. Those who are exploring what’s really happening at ground zero can give you the best read on things. Always listen to your people.

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Interested in reading the article? Click HERE. Interested in working with us? Connect with us and let's talk about what we can do for you.