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The Anatomy of a Building Project: How long does it take to build a new home or remodel an existing one?

It is refreshing when a client approaches us about helping them with a project and they’ve done their homework and understand what is involved to get a project from concept/idea stage to constructed/moving-in stage. It’s refreshing, but unfortunately, not very common.

I would like to shed some light on the process here with the hope it will help those that are about to embark on a construction project and perhaps don’t have prior experience, or have been told something that is inaccurate by their hairstylist, or brother’s girlfriend’s brother who happened to build their deck at the summer cabin back in...

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Plywood vs OSB (Oriented Strand Board)


The following photo succinctly communicates the reason we use plywood wherever we have the option to.

The reality is, OSB needs special consideration when being used in an exterior sheathing application compared to good ole' plywood. And this consideration is too often overlooked in many building designs.

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20 Years and Counting!

We are grateful to be celebrating 20 years of business success – We started out in 1996 as a developer of single family lots with custom home for resale.

Taking a very "hands on" approach with an attention to detail while building that first home has defined the business and our continuing operations.

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The Passive House Way

Passive House is the world's leading standard in energy efficient construction. The Passive House Standard ensures the best quality, comfort and energy efficiency. Passive Houses require very little energy to sustain comfortable temperatures in every season. (Even in Whistler's notably harsh Winters)

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Fun Ways to Customize Your Home

Check out how our clients personalized their homes

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Eleven Design Trends of 2016 to Inspire Your Next Renovation

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Observer Classics — Seniors’ Housing

The number of seniors (aged 65 and over) is growing much faster than the number of non-seniors, and the population is expected to more than double by 2036.

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BC Building Code Update Comes into Effect December 19, 2014

Is your builder up to date?

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Home Building Tips & Ideas for Whistler & Vancouver

New homes today set the standard for value, character and individuality. One of the best parts about building a new home is the ability to make it however you want. With every new home build however there are dozens of different questions that need to be answered. Today, let’s go over a few different concepts and styles of some of the fundamental features of every new home.

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