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Nooks and Storage


Nooks shouldn’t be limited to just the imaginative mind of children, these spaces are for everyone. The little hidden corners, loft spaces and landing areas are the perfect opportunities to create a warm and relaxing spot to read, work or just hang out.

With a bit of creativity, you can utilize dead-space or awkward areas in fun, practical and functional ways. Who doesn’t love to cozy up in a warm, quiet corner with a fantastic book and hide away for hours on end?

Or escape the hustle and bustle of the main areas of the home and retreat into silence and solitude for some self-space,...

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Implementing Kaizen

In December The Whistler Question published an article about David Girard and his practice of Kaizen. We wanted to take you a bit further into understanding how this concept came into David’s life and how it’s helped his business grow. 

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Fun Ways to Customize Your Home

Check out how our clients personalized their homes

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Home Building Tips & Ideas for Whistler & Vancouver

New homes today set the standard for value, character and individuality. One of the best parts about building a new home is the ability to make it however you want. With every new home build however there are dozens of different questions that need to be answered. Today, let’s go over a few different concepts and styles of some of the fundamental features of every new home.

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